Mia Grace

When dreams come true…

I had the honour of interviewing independent musician Mia Grace on The Business of… show for Connections Radio this week.

Once upon a time we both worked at a restaurant in Guildford, Surrey, UK and, as we served food and cleaned tables during the day, by night Mia was gigging and I was a volunteer radio presenter and producer.

We shared a dream that one day our creative side projects might turn into something more.

We plugged away, honing our crafts, often taking gigs with no pay to grow ourselves in our dream careers and guess what… a few years on, we’ve both made it.

REVIEW Mia Grace Single: “Not Enough” – Coming out in September

Mia’s first officially released single “Not Enough” comes out in September 2022 and it is a remarkable work. Having seen Mia at local gigs before I knew she had a talent for writing intricate melodies. Her natural rhythm as she dances her vocals over skilled guitar licks surprises and delights (particularly listen to the notes she doesn’t sing). Matched with a unique vocal quality, similar in style to Lily Allen, with a wide vocal range and a layered approach to songwriting, this independent artist is one to keep your ears sharp for. She’s going far, fast!

“Not Enough” is a masterfully crafted journey into Mia’s personal experience of heartbreak and it’s worth listening to it on some decent speakers or headphones (I highly recommend Yamaha H8s and Dr Dre’s Beats!) to really appreciate the intricacies of this work. Every note is hit with precision but also loaded with emotion as Mia’s highly skilled vocal range wraps and elongates certain words and snaps others; just to keep you on your toes.

This is a beautiful song and I can’t wait to hear more from Mia Grace.

To hear a sneak preview of “Not Enough” and find out more about Mia listen to us shoot the breeze amid music from Ms. Lauryn Hill, Lily Allen, Scouting for Girls, Kate Nash, Florence + The Machine and more…

Dreams can come true but life is what you make of it. You have to put the work in, you have to graft and you have to hone your craft. But you can live your dreams. Congratulations lovely Mia. It was an honour to host you on the show and I can’t wait to watch your music career develop.

I hope you enjoy the show! Good luck Mia !

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