anaCODA are back…

A decade ago I was gigging weekly, singing in pubs, music venues and performing at the occasional festival. Music was a huge part of my weekly activities as we played a mixture of covers and originals. Anyone who remembers us from that particular music circuit in Guildford, Surrey, UK, might remember our rather overplayed rock version of Jolene by Dolly Parton, which kind of became our signature cover.

We had a few years of running and playing at gig nights, travelling to remote parts of the south of France to record in peace (we still only got one track done in a week!) then life got in the way, and my husband, who is the other founding member of anaCODA, got busy with his PHD in Bioengineering.

Well, now that’s done, dusted and most deservedly achieved, we are back! Performing around our new home, Copenhagen, and as such saw fit to cut together a little demo.

It’s live, it’s raw, it’s not been professionally produced but it serves to give a flavour of our sound.

People often ask, “what kind of music do you play?” I never know how to categorise my own music so i’ll leave it to you to do that for us!

Introducing anaCODA…

This demo has our original track Fiction, our rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers: Soul to Squeeze and our attempt at Angus and Julia Stone’s: For You.

The last time we performed For You we were at our own wedding in 2016. We have a gig in October 2023 and can’t wait to crack this cover out again by one of our favourite artists in memory of one of our all time top performing moments.

Who doesn’t want a picture of themselves in a wedding dress rocking a Fender Telecaster?

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