The Business of Friendships

The Science of Friendship

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Simon and Helene, also based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I would like to say that the hour or so spent in these two wonderful peoples company made me feel so lucky to do the work I do.

Simon and Helene entered my virtual studio all smiles, no stress, even though they had faced a little tech battle initially. As I began to fire off the questions and over the next 35 minutes the couple who are also parents, business partners and best friends proceeded to surprise, delight and educate me on the science of friendship. They also, perhaps unawarely, soothed my soul and reinstated a faith in humans and also in myself and the way I go about my relationships.

I learnt so much during this interview and am grateful to Simon and Helene for their time.

Here is a snippet of the interview:

Below are a few of the questions I asked them, there were more too, each answered with due care, thought, clear expertise and precision.

I can’t wait to air The Business of Friendship on the 24th November!

  1. could you please start by telling me how the two of you first met? 
  1. Why does it get harder to form meaningful friendships as we get older?
  1. How do friendships begin? 
  1. What does it mean to have a meaningful circle of friends as an adult and what are we missing out on if we don’t have this?
  1. What is Enneagram?
  1. How do you approach coaching and mentoring others? Do you use enneagram?
  1. How can adults form meaningful friendships with strangers? What are your top tips?
  1. What difficulties can we run into when forming new friendships?

10. What is it about people that the two of you really love?

You can hear the full episode on and the free Connections Radio app Thursday 24th November 13.10GMT 14.10CET

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