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anaCODA are back…

A decade ago I was gigging weekly, singing in pubs, music venues and performing at the occasional festival. Music was a huge part of my weekly activities as we played a mixture of covers and originals. Anyone who remembers us from that particular music circuit in Guildford, Surrey, UK, might remember our rather overplayed rock …

The Business of... Podcast

What’s Worse? The Fear of Failure or Fear of Success?

Last week I finally got on the podcasting bandwagon and published my first episode of Series One: The Business of Coaching and Mentoring.

After almost 15 years’ in the radio business I was surprised by the utter fear of putting myself out there on YouTube and platforms like Spotify. Questions like the following:

“What if no one listens?”

“What if after all this time in radio I actually have no idea how to craft a podcast?”

“What if lots of people actually DO listen and then bark that they wasted how ever long they listened for of their lives?”

“What if it actually succeeds?”